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“Sika designs to ignite, entertain, and inspire a wide modern audience of various cultural backgrounds, including the LGBTQ+ community, and the Black community” 

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The audio-visual universe of contemporary Creole-Canadian music producer and creative director Sika Valmé, is an expertly crafted collection of timeless, relatable narratives. 

Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Sika is now based in Montreal, and  shares time between New York, and Mexico. Her creations, reflections of her many migrations, find inspiration in geometry, the natural world, and the human experience. 

Sika’s work is an immersive encounter, one that synergizes opposing elements to create a distinct style with an unforgettable sound. Dubbed as “Creole-LoFi”, the rich and layered textures of her music offer an unconventional take on Caribbean rhythms. Her visual art compliments her music with bright, colourful imagery that plays with the same tensions between disparate geographies and cultures. 

The result is a body of work that illuminates elements of Sika’s Diasporic journey, and offers a fresh and innovative cultural perspective. This unique approach, coupled with her remarkable vocal styling, has positioned Sika as a formidable artist and collaborator. 


Fully immerse yourself in the universe of “Erosion Eksperyans” created by Sika. Learn about the Haitian Créole language through the lyrics posters, and manifest your own inspiration journey in writing via the Vini Vini Journal. Dive in with palpable graphics and soundscapes ultimately designed to project you into a sensory dimension of empowering immensity. 


immersive audio-visual events, custom art, conferences, workshops, panels  

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