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About SikaValmé

Hello. I am a Creole thinker, a creative leader, and a French language coach. I studied project management, visual arts, theater set design, and have been writing songs since my teens. I’m lucky to have acquired mentoring and coaching in business, in tennis, and in the arts. I grew up in the French Caribbean, lived between the Americas, and am based in Montreal.

I am currently producing my 2nd music album with a visual arts component, and looking to expand my creative and executive team. If you have ideas to the project grow, please reach out. We have ties in Austin, Montreal, New York, Spain, and Haïti.


My illustrations are handmade. They find inspiration in the organic world, the human experience and  the wonders of my brain.


Each capsule reflects a microcosm of the daily human experience versus the macrocosm of the natural world and the cosmos…


Immersive multidisciplinary experience

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To me, teaching rhyme with creating and expanding. Through my work, my goal is to empower you.

— Sika Valmé


Meet the Artist

Lo-Fi Music

Sika is a contemporary Creole-Canadian musician and illustrator from Port-au-Prince, currently residing between Montreal, New York City, and the tropics of Central America. Born out of her experiences as an ex-pat, gay woman of Carribean origin, her music and accompanying visual universe offers a synergy of sonic and visual story-telling, crafted into positive immersive experiences, that are the signatures of Sika’s style and voice

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On the surface level , we all want to feel good . On the soul level , we want to feel deep connection , love , and desire , mutually .

Rayn Backer

Learning French with Jessica is a blast! My knowledge of (and confidence in) the language improved right away! She puts a lot of care into making sure our time together is engaging, and just the right level of challenging. Her enthusiasm helps me stay motivated and focused. I would recommend working with Jessica as a sure way to improve your French! 

Age Activist, Old School Anti-Ageism Clearinghouse

Stephanie Tholand

Arriving from San Fransisco, Jessica coached me for four months in conversational French so that I can more readily use it both personally and professionally in international development. I appreciated her way of integrating lessons with my everyday and professional life experiences, and she got me to enjoy practicing and refining my language skills. Jessica cleverly creates ways to serve a student’s specific needs keeping the study fun and interesting.

Director of Program & Partnership Development, Population Media Center


Jessica is a very professional, polite, and welcoming tutor. As a queer person, I felt comfortable and respected, and I was able to learn the terminology that is often used within the LBGTIQIA2+ community. It is clear that she takes time to customize and deliver material in a way that matches your learning style, and she is flexible if things need to change.  I would recommend Jessica’s services to anyone who has specific needs in learning French and wants a tutor who is patient and adaptable

Sociopolitical Coordinator

French Tutoring & Coaching

Grateful for my work experience as a project manager with booking agencies, production companies, and festivals. Oh, I also teach the French Language to professionals, scholars, and executives thriving in their field!